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Green Jacket Augusta Ga. LLC is now licensing a restaurant, golf store, and gourmet coffee store in Augusta, Athens, Atlanta, Macon, and Savannah Ga. Also available nationwide. We have been selling golf apparel since 2008 on line.The Green Jacket Augusta Ga brand has 3 divisions we plan to build over the next 5 years. They are as follows:

 1. Golf pro shop goods which are now available on www.greenjacketgolfaugustaga.com We plan to open retail stores in 2014.

 2. The restaurant division which was in business from the 70s to the mid 90s in Macon, Athens, and Augusta Ga. plans to come back to original cities where the brand is still alive! Three new exciting concepts to bring the brand to life. a) Green Jacket Tavern is an updated golf theme tavern which is an industry trend. The bar at the tavern close to the dining tables where everyone gathers for fun, drink and a great Green Jacket salad.b) Green Jacket Bistro more like the orginal, a quiet dining experience with your salad tossed at the table. c) Green Jacket Deli a fast casual dining experience with the famous Green Jacket salad, soups and sandwiches. The famous Green Jacket salad, prime rib and the well known brand will drive traffic to all three concepts! In addition the concepts give you the flexibility to go in to a good location that has closed,a start up, or a conversion of an existing restaurant. Low cost with used equipment 20-35% of new equipment and low leasing on commercial property make this a great time to open! We plan to open in
3. The gourmet coffee division will be developed with a gift shop that includes famous golf scenes. 
These divisions are ready to be licensed with territories being split up by states. Will consider partnership. For more information contact Carl Lenderman by clicking here.

Grand opening scheduled for 2014.                                            

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